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Sakura Solid Marker, born for tough jobs, soon has become really popular amongst writers, due to its ability to write virtually on any surface. Solid Marker is solidified paint in a marker stick and it marks through oil, grease, rust, mud and snow on rough and smooth surfaces inside or outside. It even marks and dries under water. Dries within minutes, is permanent once dry and is virtually odourless. The special “Stay Fresh” twist mechanism keeps paint fresh and ready to use. Ideal for use on wood, cloth & canvas, plastic, steel & iron, rubber, cardboard, glass, fiberglass & concrete. Working temperature range: -10°C to 200°C. Solid Marker produces a 13 mm wide mark and if the marker is left to dry out it’s easly brought back to life by trimming with a knife. Available in 7 standard and 3 fluorescent colours.

Sakura Solid Marker

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