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For the ON THE RUN SOULTIP TM series a valve tip has been developed on the highest industrial level. The extra durable mohair „diamond fiber“ tips are manufactured in five operations and combine four different materials.

The ON THE RUN SOULTIP ™ SQUEEZE MARKER are universally applicable, designed for juicy, opaque tags on any surface and are increasingly being used for canvas works and many other works in the field of art. Even wallpaper pastes, latex wall paints or oil paints are no problem for the Soultip.

75 ml Availible in 10 Colors
ROUND TIP: 12mm / 0.45inch
Replaceable, durable, high-quality Mohair „Diamond-Fibre“ tip
Refillable with OTR inks & paints
Also works with any ink, acrylic, latex & water-based paint, oil paint, wallpaper glue, etc.

Recap after use and GET ON THE RUN!

OTR.004 Soultip Squeezer 75ml,Paint

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