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OTR.003 Soultip Squeeeze Marker contains a high-coverage alcohol-based paint suitable for any surface. It dries quickly and does not contain xylene. Equipped with the 18mm Mohair “Diamond-Fiber” round nose is ideal for painting on micronized surfaces, it offers easy handling and continuous color rendering. Contains 90ml OTR.901 Soultip Paint. That’s a lot of paint in your pocket!
Available in 10 colors.

ROUND TIP: 18mm replaceable, durable, high-quality Mohair “Diamond-Fibre” tip

Refillable with OTR inks & paints.
Also works with any ink, acrylic, latex & water-based paint, oil paint, wallpaper glue, etc.

. multi-surface

. all-purpose

OTR 003 Soultip Paint Squeeze 18mm

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