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  • High pressure
  • Gloss finish
  • Possibility of low, medium and high discharge
  • Ultra-fast drying
  • Precision spring that allows several discharges
  • High coverage
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Change of stroke and pressure according to the nozzle
  • Can of 400 ml
  • Minimum odour for indoor/outdoor application
  • Perfect uniformity of product application

NBQ Fast 400ml Spray Paint

  • Spray Cans To Econt Office To Address
    6 ≈8lv ≈13lv
    12 ≈8lv ≈14lv
    18 ≈13lv ≈20lv
    24 ≈13lv ≈21lv
    30 ≈15lv ≈28lv
    36 ≈16lv ≈29lv
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