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Due to popular demand, the ULTRA WIDE 750ml can range has just gotten even better. We welcome the introduction of the colors Shark and Halloween. The original and best #gamechanger now boasts 12 colors in the range including Kicking Yellow, Snow White, Silverchrome, Black, Red, Blue, Royal Purple, Nappies, Light Blue, Power Green, and now Halloween and Shark. Shake well for the ultimate ride in coverage, and output over the largest possible surface area. Leave the ladders at home. With the Montana ULTRA WIDE cans, you can achieve a potential 2m high vertical spray reach from a standing start. Whether you are an urban calligrapher, graffiti innovator, or simply want to go big with the least amount of effort, the Montana ULTRA WIDE is the tool for you. Complimented by a specially developed yellow Ultra Wide calligraphy spray cap which is set in a horizontal spray position, users are able to maximize vertical stroke application and achieve a higher vertical spray reach of upto 2m higher then final stroke height. Maximum output can be achieved with Montana ULTRA-WIDE CHROME. Due to high pressure beware of wide output and counterstroke! Surface area can be covered in exceptionally fast time. Do not spray near any electrical power sources!

    MONTANA Ultra-Wide 750ML Spray Paint

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