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MONTANA BLACKOUT TARBLACK – Sick of the chocolaty tar colors that brown in the blink of an eye? Well look no further. The Montana BLACKOUT Tarblack is your answer. The can that does what it says, blacks out any surface it is applied to. With the covering strength of tar but with the added hybrid touch of High Quality Montana BLACK black pigment, the BLACKOUT is not only the ideal partner to your Silverchrome artworks, it‘s also a stand alone black with extra something some surfaces need. Black it out! MONTANA BLACKOUT TARBLACK

The BLACKOUT Tarblack itself has an extremely fast drying time of around 2 minutes in conditions 15 degree’s celsius or higher. This combination Nitro-Combi & Tar-Mix can is the perfect high pressure 400ml can to cover any chrome effect or metallic colors, wet or dry.

MONTANA BLACKOUT Tarblack 400ML Spray Paint

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