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The Molotow™ Masterpiece 711EM Pumping Blank   is equipped with a super-standard replaceable and handmade 60mm fiber tip, which is the largest in our portfolio. Thanks to the special head, which contains capillaries for the uniform distribution of color throughout the tip (patented capillary system), the marker can be closed airtight, and thus the marker does not simply dry out. The fix can be refilled after filling, in accordance with the Refill-Exchange-Mix philosophy. Molotow markers contain the acclaimed Flowmaster™ valve, which is used to control the constant color output. The flexibility of this empty marker can hardly be beat and with proper maintenance it will last up to 50 refills and using the Refill Extension will increase the volume of the marker and make it easier to fill and mix shades.


This blank marker allows artistic freedom at all levels. In addition to the body, which can be filled, exchangeable tips in different sizes are available.


The icing on the cake: the marker is compatible mainly with our Molotow™ colors, but also with almost all colors and inks - the only limit is that the color must be thin enough to flow through the nib. This makes it easier to mix individual shades.


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