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Set made of 8 Grog Pointer 04 APP in the FASHIONISTA color scheme with shades from the Aqua Pro Paint line. These acrylic markers are ideal for drawing on a wide range of surfaces other than paper and canvas. The set comes in a handy branded plastic clearbox, also showing the palette variant.

The set contains:
1x [P04A-01] Death Black
1x [P04A-02] Goldrake Purple
1x [P04A-03] Piggy Pink
1x [P04A-11] Bogotà White
1x [P04A-12] Burning Chrome
1x [P04A-19] Jellyfish Fuchsia
1x [P04A-29] Uzi Grey
1x [P04A-33] Bruise Violet

Grog Pointer 04 APP Fashionista Set 8

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