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Want a fun new marker to smash the city with? ON THE RUN has released one of our favorite squeeze markers to date. The 004 SOULTIP SQUEEZE MARKER is filled with 75ml of street ready, tough as they come, alcohol based paint. The soultip paint is high gloss, vibrant, and highly opaque.  This premium quality paint has a UV resistant varnish and it will cover any surface well. It is also weatherproof, scratch resistant, and hard to buff! From beginner to professional, this product will do the job and leave a lasting impression for all to see. Also, the bold bright colors will help you stand out from the rest of the pack. 

Each squeeze marker features a 12mm round mohair nib that is far more tear resistant than the common nylon nibs found on markers like Krink.  

OTR 004 Soultip Paint Squeeze 12mm

12,99 лв.Цена
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