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Both Flat Jet caps offer a flat spray trajectory that is able to be adjusted to a vertical or horizontal output similar to the Calligraphy Cap you may be used to. Due to the smooth and equal delivery of the spray output, both these caps are ideal for application on objects, sealing surfaces with clear coats and optimizes the application of the Montana CRACKLE Effect sprays. Not to mention perfect for use in calligraphy related artwork. The MONTANA Flat Jet Medium cap (BLACK/YELLOW) will also become our standard cap on the MONTANA VARNISH and PRIMER sprays.

The FLAT JET CAP series is the next step in flat spray trajectory caps similar to the Calligraphy Cap. Also with the ability to adjust the flat trajectory from vertical to horizontal, the FLAT JET CAP MEDIUM offers medium sized delivery of paint that is applied smoothly and equally to the surface being coated. The FLAT JET CAP MEDIUM optimizes the characteristics of TECH/EFFECT sprays making the coating of objects, sealing surfaces and applying paint in general, easy and efficient. As the ideal cap for the Montana CRACKLE SPRAY, the FLAT JET CAP MEDIUM is also commonly used for calligraphy related artworks, filling in surface area, coating objects and any art & craft projects. DIYers and artists of any vein (graffiti art, urban art or street art), all turn to the Black and Yellow FLAT JET CAP MEDIUM which also fits on any female valve cans like Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK and Montana WHITE. The spray width changes subject to the distance it is used from the object being coated. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For wider lines, spray from a further distance.

Montana Flat Jet Cap Medium

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