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The Montana Cotton Bag DONUT PRINT series are available in the colors BLK400-3060 Cardinal, BLK400-6170 Neptune and BLK400-6340 Copper Green The humble color donut was a small feature of the Montana Cans range that turned out to be a big innovation. The perfect reason to commemorate this achievement with the Montana Cotton Bag DONUT PRINT series. The white print is centrally placed on the applicable colored cotton bag in the standard 38 x 42cm sizing, in the familiar style of the printed color names on the Montana BLACK can color donuts on the tops of the cans. As with the rest of the Cotton Bag series, all the bags are high-quality 100% cotton to be light-weight yet sturdy for the transportation of your valuables. The color DONUT not only initiated the reduction of plastic use, packing material, and packing space for unnecessary lids, but it also revolutionized the look of graffiti spray paint and the ease and accuracy in which the color content could be identified. Availability while stocks last!

Montana Cotton Bag Donut Print

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